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January 4, 2012
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O - Furry-Anthro Remake by Zemiki O - Furry-Anthro Remake by Zemiki
Artwork and character by me, please do not re-post or re-use anywhere!
If you wish to use this, then ask my permission first, it's not that hard to make an account and send a note.

REMAKE~~ This is a remake of an old old picture from my old account ( ~kidaru ) which I uploaded to my [link]

Got rid of the lime green color and changed the background from a fight in the club to a pose in a theatre o_o

This was one of my first Furry/Anthro original characters (Basically a non-Sonic imitation).
I like how far my style has come looking at that old picture.

This character sadly given no real name, as I just roleplayed with the name Kidaru. So if you can think of something before me then throw it at me~

My next remake attempt is this: [link]
I've attempted a few times, and didn't like the outcomes...but I'll get one I like!

Character and Artworks (c) of Me. Margaret "Maggie" May ( =Zemiki )

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