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WoW - Kidaru Hunter by Zemiki WoW - Kidaru Hunter by Zemiki
Art is done by me, please do not re-use or re-post elsewhere!
If you really really want to use it then just ask, it's one simple private message/note away~!

Second picture after:
Next one will be my Warlock, Leriana and then my Warrior Xintegra. I'm making a wallpaper with them for my computer only. Just got to get my warrior a nice transmog before I draw her.

This is my hunter, Kidaru, her armory is here: [link]

I'm going to flat out say this now. I was the first person to use the names Kidaru and Zemiki in WoW. Anyone else is not me and if they pose as me then they are imposters (Yes I've had this happen once already a few months back).
My server is Turalyon-US and you can find me there, I have a few alts with the same names on other servers but to contact me in-game you must do it on Turalyon only since it is my main server.

These types of pictures with flat color are about $30. If you wish to have one message me and we'll set something up.

Requesting critiques, don't be afraid to say something if something looks not quite right. I don't bite and I try to use all advice people give me to the best I can. Thank you~<3

Artwork by Me. Margaret "Maggie" May. ( =Zemiki )
Character image of Blizzard Entertainment.
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November 20, 2012
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